Our members provide a unique student perspective, as well as their past experiences working on various client based projects ranging from:

  • market research

  • sales

  • expansion strategy

  • user testing/user experience

  • pricing strategy

  • social media

Some of our past clients include:  

If you are interested in our consulting services, please contact us at cornellstrategicconsulting@gmail.com


Chris and the CSC team were absolutely fantastic! Chris and I worked on a deliverable schedule and everything was done on time and went far above what was needed. His analysts did fantastic work, were very detail oriented, and adapted well to a nebulous start-up (as you know I didn’t even have a website at the time). They were so important in helping me, my business, and most importantly helping to change the idea that healing from autism is possible. Thanks for believing in me too!
— Dr. Theresa Lyons, Founder of Navigating AWEtism
I worked with CSC for the entire semester and they conducted themselves at a high level of professionalism. They were very flexible to meet with me, and they demonstrated a strong understanding of the industry before we even met. We are looking forward to working with CSC in the near future.
— Stephanie Ko, Founder and CEO of Sabi
We enjoyed working with CSC last semester and the team manager had good understanding of technology. His computer science background and work ethic got us what we needed. We are looking forward to work with CSC again this semester.
— Jaiel Lee, Founder of FiberSpark